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Report on bioenergy framework for selected countries

The report presents for the target countries of the project:

>  main regulatory / legal framework for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and bioenergy

>  relevant authorities and associations

>  targets set and their achievements for RES heating and cooling, solid biomass and DH, according to the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs) and the progress reports submitted by the target countries

>  licensing / permitting procedure and the timeframe to obtain such licenses in order to operate biomass facilities for heat purposes

> certification requirements / standards for the primary supply of solid biomass, of the equipment of bioenergy heating projects as well as certification requirements for installers of such equipment

>  support schemes / policies for the promotion of bioenergy heating

In addition, a cross-country comparative overview and the main conclusions are provided for all of the issues mentioned above.

Download the report.