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The Horizon 2020 project Bioenergy4Business (B4B) will help exploit the considerable economic and sustainable potential of European biofuel heat as a viable alternative for vulnerable European communities and businesses, which currently depend on coal, oil and natural gas sources often imported from politically unstable regions.

Stakeholder interviews have been carried out in order to identify the most promising heat market segments in communal, industry, commercial, residential, agricultural and service sectors of all 11 B4B target countries (AT, BG, HR, DE, FI, EL, NL, PL, RO, SK and UA), where a business case for a (partial) fuel-switch from fossil to biofuels seems to be “most likely”.

The following questions have been asked for all (56) interviews:

  1. What are the most promising bioenergy sources available in larger quantities locally (at reasonable prices) in our country?
  2. What are promising market-segments (where a business case seems to be most likely) in our country?
  3. Due to which technical, economic etc. criteria did you select these promising market segments and what influence do these criteria have regarding market penetration?
  4. In case you sell biomass boilers abroad: To which countries do you export and what are the promising market segments there?

The results of the interviews and an estimated CO2-mitigation potential within the promising heat market segments by using biofuels instead of fossil fuels are presented in these reports (see right column).

Country Reports 

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