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Bioenergy4Business project supports the substitution of fossil fuels with available bioenergy sources in the European Union.

from fossil fuels to bioenergy

To identify the most promising commercial market segments for which a switch from fossil fuels to bioenergy is advisable;

opportunity for bioenergy

To convince stakeholders of the opportunities that are created by local value chains for bioenergy heat

train employees of energy services

To train developers, consultants, heat operators and employees of energy services companies to assess and develop projects in communities with district heating and in sectors with auto-production of heat

Solar energyWind EnergyBio Energy

Targeting policy makers, Bioenergy4Business encourages the development of policy frameworks for sustainable, profitable and high-quality bioenergy heat. The project contributes to the achievement of the 2020 RES targets in the EU member states and paves the way for the use of bioenergy heat beyond 2020, as well as Solar energy.

Presently, European businesses are dependent on coal, oil and natural gas, which are often imported from politically unstable regions. Bioenergy4Business helps businesses exploit the sustainable and considerable economic potential of European bioenergy heat. Bioenergy4Business is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union.

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Solarenergy and Bioenergy is the fuel that drives us forward.

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